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Something is here. Something otherworldly, something alien, and its intentions are far from amicable.

Families are going missing in the city, and investigative operative Carmella Hunter has been tasked to find them. With the public eye on her every move, Carmella must work against a ticking clock to locate the missing humans. When the evidence begins to point to an entirely alien and sinister plot, the government agency Carmella works for is forced to change strategy. Now Carmella and her friends must go undercover in the hopes of becoming the next victims. But will the kidnapper take the bait? And if he does, will Carmella and her friends make it out alive?

Escape into an urban fantasy world filled with adrenaline pumping action, pulse pounding romance, super hot djinn, and sexy dragon demi-gods.


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New Release! Check out DEFYING MAGICK by Debbie Cassidy!

Death comes in many packages, and sometimes it comes in several at the same time…

Paimon is gone, and Carmella’s obligation to the djinn is over, so why does the world feel a little bleaker? There’s barely time to ponder before a horrific massacre leaves her in charge of her first case with the IEPEU. Under the watchful eye of Murdoch, the organisation’s top investigator, and with the help of her friends, Urvashi, Honey, and Banner, Carmella must uncover the identity of the supernatural creatures behind the attack and expose the person pulling their strings.

Cut off from the skein by a coven ruling, and under attack, Carmella is defenceless until her asura power surges to the surface revealing her true nature. Confronted with the full force of her power, and afraid of losing control, Carmella reluctantly turns to Vritra for guidance.

The Serpent dragon demi-god is more than happy to help if it means bringing her into the fold and convincing her that Shaitan Enterprises is where she truly belongs. With Vritra’s guidance, Carmella must quickly learn to master a power bigger than she could ever have anticipated. Because Carmella is on a hit list, and the person that wants her dead will do anything to uncover her weaknesses, except this time Carmella won’t be taken by surprise. This time she’s not going down without a fight.

Action, hot romance and enough twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages. The Witch Blood Chronicles are a thrill ride you do not want to miss.


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New Release! Check out BINDING MAGICK by Debbie Cassidy!

Being left behind to hold the fort every time the world needs saving, sucks.

For Carmella Hunter, a witch blood with practically no magick, being surrounded by powerful friends has taken its toll. For once it would be nice to be the one doing the saving. Stuck in a dead end job in Piccadilly’s favourite bakery, Carmella spends her days making cinnamon rolls and her evenings feeding the homeless, all the while dreaming of making a difference.

One huge pastry order for the Covens annual meet and an attack of flu germs leaves Carmella delirious with a fever—too delirious to avoid a fateful bargain with a djinn named Paimon. Bound to do his bidding, his seductive voice in her head and his infuriating arrogance make the partnership a trying one. With Paimon, Carmella gets her first taste of power. A power she must use to track down the monsters hunting Paimon’s people. Suddenly Carmella isn’t so helpless anymore.

Things get complicated when her boss, and close friend, goes missing, and the enforcement agencies don’t seem too bothered about looking for a celestial dancer who likes to sleep around. With the help of Mal Banner, the Piccadilly Coven Elder Witch and self professed playboy, Carmella finally has the opportunity to be the hero she’s always wanted to be.

But someone doesn’t want Carmella digging. Someone will go to any lengths to make her stop.

The Witch Blood Chronicles is the spin off series to the hugely popular Gatekeeper Chronicles coauthored with Jasmine Walt, and although it can be enjoyed as a standalone series, the author recommends reading The Gatekeeper Chronicles first for maximum impact.


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