The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur Release Week Blitz

In the second edition of The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur, we wanted to dig deeper and explore new ways to grow your business. By taking a look at what tools are currently available and services that you can use as an entrepreneur, we wanted to revise this book with the latest trends.

The goal of this book is to help entrepreneurs who are Introverts to grow their business online using techniques geared to them. When I decided to revamp this book and create a second edition, I decided to invite a couple of friends to share their knowledge too. So you will find a couple of chapters written by Michelle Lowery and Jerrilynn B. Thomas.


About the Book

The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur
by Kim Beasley

n/a; standalone


Agape3 Business Services; 2nd Edition

Publication Date
March 31, 2019

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